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To provide a safe shopping environment for both buyer and seller we offer a security service, this means that the amount will not be paid directly to the seller once an item is ordered but will be reserved until the sale is completed and the customer is satisfied. This service is completely free for both buyer and seller, in this way we can offer a safe buying environment for both parties!

Delivery time
We have an agreement with the shop owner that they will ship your item within 5 working days.
They must use a track and trace shipment, so you can use the mail to keep an eye on when your package is delivered to your home.
A package normally takes a few days to arrive but this can be as long as 2 weeks (3 weeks for an international shipment). If the package is not received by the buyer after 14 days, please contact us. Then we will sort it out together!

Shipping with Track & Trace
The shop owners are obliged to ship with track & trace so both parties can follow where the package is. We recommend that sellers take photos of the shipping process, think of a photo of what the package looks like before it is sent, if the package gets lost it is useful to have more evidence.

Did you receive the order but are not satisfied with the items?
Always keep in mind that the items are vintage and therefore have lived!
We have an arrangement with the shop owners that they will mention that a garment is of lower quality or possibly broken.

New: unworn or upcycle
Good: minimal signs of use such as stains or fading
Used: Signs of use such as larger stains, pilling, and holes

Because each business owner has his/her own exchange/return policy, you must first contact VintageConnector.
To do this, fill out the form below and we will submit it to the shop owner. There is a possible chance that the shop owner does not accept exchanges/returns, this is different for each shop. Please note that the buyer pays the return costs for a track & trace shipment. We advise you to return the package in the original packaging with insurance, if something goes wrong in the post you are insured!

Return form VintageConnector
The item:
The seller:
The amount paid:
The reason for return:
Receipt date:

The return form may be sent completed to:

Note: Never send a return to the main office.
We will provide the seller’s address by email.

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