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Before registering on the Website, each User must read, accept and agree to abide by these General Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter referred to as the “General Terms and Conditions”), the Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Policy”), and the other mandatory provisions of the Website.

Vintage Connector:
KVK: 75747960, Located at Herman de manstraat 34, 3842 AV Harderwijk. (This is not a visiting address). 
VintageConnector can be reached via the email address info@vintageconnector.com.


Platform: the website on www.vintageconnector.com and each associated sub-domain.
User: every Account holder, buyer, or seller of the Platform.
Agreement: any agreement between VintageConnector and User.
Seller: (hereinafter referred to as ”shop owner”) who offers Articles on the Platform through his Account.
Buyer: any User who purchases articles on the Platform via his Account.
Account: the account with a personal login created by the User on the Platform.
Account owner: any person aged 18 or older who has an Account with VintageConnector.
Articles: (hereinafter referred to as ”items”) all products for which VintageConnector has given its approval to be offered on the Platform.
Stripe: Stripe Payments Europe Ltd, The One Building, 1 Grand Canal Street Lower, Dublin, Ireland, and its group companies.
Selling Price: the selling price of Items, including VAT and any other costs or charges, but excluding shipping and handling charges charged to the Buyer.
Website: www.Vintageconnector.com
Vintage: items of at least 20 years and older.
Upcycle: reusing materials to create a new item.
Terms and Conditions: these General Terms and Conditions, together with the Privacy Statement.

These Terms and Conditions apply to all Agreements as well as to the creation and preparation thereof, whether or not concluded remotely, between VintageConnector and any User using the Webshop. Account Holders are deemed to accept these Terms and Conditions as part of the creation of an Account in the Webshop. By placing an order in the Webshop, the Buyer is deemed to accept these Terms and Conditions. By using any of VintageConnector’s sales services (e.g. requesting a shipping package online, uploading an Item yourself, or otherwise entering into a sales agreement), the Seller is deemed to accept these Terms and Conditions.

The User can only invoke clauses deviating from these Terms and Conditions if and insofar as they have been accepted by VintageConnector in writing (by email is sufficient).

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions turns out to be null and void or voidable, it will be replaced by a valid provision that corresponds as much as possible with the purport of the null and void or void provision. The other Terms remain in full force and effect.

VintageConnector is entitled to transfer (part of) the rights and obligations arising from an Agreement to a third party without the User’s prior consent.

VintageConnector has the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. These amended, new Terms and Conditions will be posted on the Website. For this reason, the User must regularly consult the Website.

1. User account

1.A By creating an Account in the Web Shop, the Account Holder accepts the Terms and Conditions and acknowledges that the Account Holder is aware of VintageConnector’s Privacy Statement.
1.B To buy and/or sell on the Website, the User must create an Account. The User can register via email. The email address and the chosen password together constitute the “Login Data”.
1.C VintageConnector takes the privacy of her Users very seriously and will process and use all information about Users in a safe way. In the Privacy Statement, it is stated in detail which data VintageConnector processes and for what purpose.
1.D The User may not allow his Account to be used by a third party. The User is at all times responsible for the confidentiality of his Login data and the use of his Account.
1.E Each User may create one (1) Account on the Platform. If the Account, for any reason, is blocked or deleted, the User is no longer entitled to use the Platform.
1.F Account Holder may at any time terminate the Account by submitting a written request by email to info@vintageconnector.com VintageConnector will then endeavor to close the Account as soon as possible and to explicitly confirm this by email to (former) Account Holder. The Account holder can then no longer log into the Webshop and make use of the services of VintageConnector as a User. Furthermore, the account holder will no longer receive e-mails from VintageConnector and cannot be found in the Webshop. Administrative data remains on the server of VintageConnector for legal obligations. As long as necessary for the respective purpose.
1.G VintageConnector is at all times entitled to block or remove the Account of a User, for example in the case of :

  • being in breach of one or more of the applicable terms and conditions, fraud, disruption of the proper functioning of the Platform, or if the Account in the opinion of VintageConnector may be detrimental to the good name of VintageConnector or third parties.

1.H VintageConnector has the right to refuse or block an account if the Account is linked to a bank account number that is linked to an already blocked Account. User cannot claim any compensation from VintageConnector in connection with the blocking or removal of the Account by VintageConnector and User hereby waives any right to any (damages) compensation.
1.I User agrees to provide only accurate and complete information when creating an Account on the Platform. User is responsible for the accuracy of the information in their Account.
1.J User shall at all times act by VintageConnector’s guidelines and instructions regarding the installation and use of the Platform.
1.K VintageConnector is at all times entitled to no longer make available certain functionalities of the Account on the Platform, to not grant an Account, or to set additional requirements for granting an Account.

2. Purchase Agreement

2.A If a User of the Platform proceeds to purchase an item offered on the Platform, a purchase agreement comes into effect according to Art. 6:127 of the Civil Code between the Shop owner and the Buyer (the “Purchase Agreement”).
2.B VintageConnector is not and does not become a party to the Purchase Agreement. If the Buyer and the Shop owner have a dispute about Items shipped or not shipped or returned, Buyer and Shop owner must resolve it between themselves. If the Buyer and the Shop owner do not reach a solution together, VintageConnector can mediate in this, entirely without obligation. The ability to show proof of shipment with track and trace and shipment photos by the Shop owner will be leading in this. Shop owner and Buyer safeguard VintageConnector against claims for damages resulting from its decision.
2.C Shop owner and Buyer are both responsible for their own account and risk for entering into the Purchase Agreement. Shop owner and Buyer indemnify VintageConnector from any claim and/or liability that follows from the conclusion and/or execution of the Purchase Agreement.
2.D VintageConnector will send Buyer after the Purchase Agreement has been established, a confirmation by email.
2.E Buyer and Shop owner are obliged to let the execution of the Purchase Agreement be by applicable laws and regulations and these Terms of Use.

3. Warranties and obligations of Seller

3.A By offering Item(s) for sale through the VintageConnector website, the Seller represents that:
– He/she is the rightful owner of the Item;
– He/she is fully authorized to sell the Item;
– The Item may be legally sold through VintageConnector and throughout the term of the contract.
– The items offered are Vintage or upcycle items;
– Is available for sale;
– The Item has not been stolen.
– The Item is not counterfeit/ fake/ or 1:1.
– The item matches the description and photography of the item done by the Seller;
– The Item offered by him/her and the (product) information provided by him/her does not infringe on any rights of VintageConnector or third parties.
– The Item conforms to the quality guidelines of VintageConnector
– The Item is clean and neat if applicable steamed and/or ironed;
– The Items are functioning properly and have no defects unless stated;
– The shop owner is required to let their followers know each week via social media that he/she is selling through the website.
– The shop owner checks every day after closing time to see if the items are still up to date or if they have been sold in the store.
– Seller has the right at all times to take an Item offline earlier and does so by ‘deleting’ it
– Seller undertakes to ensure that the item is available for sale at all times. If this is not the case, the Seller is obliged to take the Item offline.
3.B User signs up through the website to be able to sell.
3.C VintageConnector has at all times the right to remove a Seller from the site if VintageConnector deems the Seller not to be acting according to the rules.
3.D Seller shall indemnify VintageConnector against all damages from claims against VintageConnector as a result of the Seller’s failure to comply with the warranties of this Article.
3.E It is not permitted for Seller to send advertising along with the delivery of Articles, or to deliver commercial communications to Buyer in any other way. If this happens the shop owner will receive a warning.
3.F The Seller is not allowed to name their own website/webshop or store address on the website. Should this happen the shop owner will receive a warning.
3.G VintageConnector is entirely free in the determination and implementation of its marketing and sales policies, including how it offers item(s) from Seller to the public for sale via the Internet.
3.H The intellectual property of the Advertisement belongs to VintageConnector.
3.I VintageConnector is solely entitled to determine which product (sub)categories may be offered on the Platform. VintageConnector is furthermore entitled to change or remove product (sub)categories on the Platform, without the User being able to assert any rights against VintageConnector as a result. The seller can only offer Items of which VintageConnector has made it known that they may be offered on the Platform.
3.J From each Item successfully sold through the webshop, the Seller will receive a percentage of 90% or 85% of the selling price determined by the Seller. The selling price is the price shown on the Webshop minus the shipping costs and the commission accepted by the Buyer.
3.K VintageConnector is entitled to 10% of the sales proceeds of an Item (“commission”). VintageConnector will take the VAT on this commission.
3.L In case an item is sold to a Buyer, VintageConnector will notify the Seller by email. Seller shall send the sold Item to Buyer as quickly and cleanly as possible (no later than 7 days), subject to warranties.
3.M If Seller is a VAT entrepreneur, he/she is responsible for ensuring that invoicing is done correctly and that VAT is paid correctly.

4. Order process and shipping

4.A All items for sale on VintageConnector’s website are vintage or upcycle, despite the high quality of the item(s) photographed and described in the Advertisements, Buyer should note that certain elements may vary slightly from the actual condition. For example, colors in the photograph may differ from the actual colors. With the Item(s) offered, when applicable, the measurements will be listed as also listed on the label of the item(s) or the item(s) will be measured.
4.B A User may place an order for an item offered by the Seller through the normal ordering process at VintageConnector, by direct purchase. The order will be processed by these Terms of Use and VintageConnector’s instructions.
4.C If the address has not been made known (correctly) to VintageConnector, VintageConnector is not responsible for any misdelivered package, and any additional costs for resending will be borne by the Buyer concerned.
4.D Seller will carefully monitor its email address associated with the account so that it can timely learn of information sent by VintageConnector in connection with the order.
4.E Seller will ship the item within seven (7) days of order confirmation.
4.F VintageConnector is not liable for loss or damage of goods during transport.
4.G Seller is obliged to ship with Track&Trace using the e-mail of the buyer.
4.H Sellers are obliged to ship with DPD. The shipping instructions will be provided by VintageConnector.
4.I Buyer consents to the use of the following data when ordering:
– Buyer’s address.
– Email purchaser.
– Buyer’s name.
The above data is needed to ship the package.
4.J Seller shall ensure that the package is securely packaged for shipment and clearly indicate the shipping address, as stated on the packing slip.
4.K The ownership of delivered Articles passes from Seller to Buyer at the moment that:
– Buyer has paid the purchase price of the Articles
– The Buyer has received the Article and has decided to keep it.
4.L The risk of loss or damage to the item(s) rests with the Seller until the moment of receipt by Buyer.

5. Returning

5.A If Buyer may invoke the right of return, the following applies: When purchasing Item(s), Buyer has the opportunity to terminate the Purchase Agreement and therefore to return the item(s) during a period of 14 calendar days. This period shall commence on the day of receipt of the item(s) by or on behalf of Buyer. Buyer must contact VintageConnector before the expiration of this cooling-off period and notify VintageConnector in writing that he/she wishes to make use of his/her right to return the item(s). For this purpose, the user should make use of the return form.

Return form VintageConnector
– The Item:
– The seller:
– The amount paid:
– The reason for return:
– Receipt date:
The return form may be sent completed to: Info@vintageconnector.com
Note: Never send a return to the main office.
We provide the address of the seller by e-mail.

5.B The model withdrawal form may also be used: https://www.consumentenbond.nl/binaries/content/assets/cbhippowebsite/tests/online-kopen/modelformulier-ontbinding-herroeping-2014.pdf
5.C Right of return is not valid on items specially manufactured according to the customer’s specifications.
5.D During the aforementioned fourteen (14) day cooling-off period, Buyer shall handle the delivered Item(s), labels, coding, and packaging with care. Buyer shall only unpack the Item(s) to the extent necessary to assess whether he/she wishes to keep the item(s). Please note that labels present may not be removed under any circumstances. If Buyer makes use of its right of withdrawal, it shall return the item(s) with all delivered accessories and in the original condition (including labels) and packaging, by these instructions;
5.E Buyer may not use the item (e.g., start wearing clothing). Seller may charge a fee if after return it appears that something has happened to the product that was not necessary to assess.
5.F Return costs as a result of the dissolution are the responsibility of the buyer, see art. 6:230s Dutch Civil Code. VintageConnector advises however to send the item(s) to be returned by registered mail, VintageConnector cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of the return shipment;
5.G The Item(s) to be returned must be delivered to the shop owner as soon as possible, but no later than within the cooling-off period of 14 calendar days.
5.H Buyer is obliged to deliver documentary evidence such as pictures and shipping labels. And to send these documents to VintageConnector.
5.I If the Seller has agreed, the purchase price paid by Buyer (excluding return shipping costs) will be refunded by VintageConnector as soon as possible, but no later than within 14 calendar days after receipt (in good order) of the returned item(s).

6. Give Away

6.A The buyer receives a win action card with every order, this card has the buyer permission to participate in the win action.
6.B The giveaway is held every month.
6.C VintageConnector is free to determine the amount of money for the winning action.
6.D Buyer will be entered into the win promotion when buyer carefully follows the instructions:
– Take a picture of your vintage outfit.
– Post this photo on your social media in a post and story.
– Tag @VintageConnector for a chance to win a complete outfit.
6.E After a buyer has fulfilled these instructions buyer will be entered into a draw for the win promotion of the month in which the photo was posted.
6.F Buyer can win a gift certificate from Vintage Connector to pay with.

7. Cancellation

7.A If Buyer has proceeded to purchase an Item, Seller has, until the Item is shipped, the option to cancel the order. Seller must contact VintageConnector for this purpose to cancel the order.

8. Price and payment

8.A The prices stated on the Webshop are in Euros including VAT.
8.B After placing an order in the Webshop, VintageConnector will confirm this order through an email to the Buyer.
8.C Payments via the Platform are handled by Stripe. Stripe has a license from De Nederlandsche Bank N.V. which allows Stripe to provide payment services and complies with the related laws and regulations. VintageConnector does not at any time hold the amounts of money owed by Buyer or Seller.
8.D All payments made through the Platform are subject to the Stripe Connected Account Agreement and the Stripe Services Agreement, as may be amended by Stripe from time to time. These terms and conditions may be accessed at:
8.E To comply with its legal obligations, Stripe will request certain information from the Seller to verify his or her identity. Stripe may ask for additional information at a later stage. This additional information may consist of documents, such as proof of identity or proof of address. VintageConnector is not involved in this investigation and the information obtained by Stripe is not shared with VintageConnector. Stripe cannot disburse any funds to the Seller until the requested information is delivered to Stripe by the Seller.
8.F Seller will receive a personal link to activate the Stripe account upon registration on the website, hereby Seller provides the necessary information to Stripe to receive payments.
8.G The amount paid by Buyer (- the costs) Will be paid into the bank account number provided by Seller and known to Stripe.
8.H VintageConnector is not responsible for disbursement within the above time frames to Seller and is not involved in the handling of payments. VintageConnector will always inform Stripe about the approval. If in VintageConnector’s opinion, there is reason to do so, VintageConnector will instruct Stripe to suspend or cancel disbursement to Seller.
8.I Seller is obliged to hand over 10% commission on the sales amount to VintageConnector. By accepting the Terms of Use, Seller approves.
8.J Delivery of the order will not be initiated until payment is received.
8.K Seller is not entitled to accept payments made directly to it by Buyer. In this case, the Seller will refund the amount received to Buyer and remind Buyer that payment can only be made through the Platform.
8.L If the Purchase Agreement is rescinded at the request of Buyer or Seller, then Stripe will return to Buyer the purchase price paid by Buyer and shipping costs within twenty-four (24) hours (after Stripe is notified of the request for rescission by VintageConnector). VintageConnector is not required to refund any amount to Seller because of a Purchase Agreement that is rescinded.


9. All Item(s) offered and delivered by VintageConnector under the Agreement will remain the property of the Seller until the Buyer has properly and fully fulfilled all obligations under the Agreement concluded with VintageConnector, which in any case includes payment of the amount due.
9.B If third parties seize the Item(s) delivered under retention of title and/or wish to establish or assert rights over them, Buyer must notify VintageConnector immediately.


10.A VintageConnector processes the personal data of her Users in accordance with the applicable privacy laws and regulations. For more information, please see our privacy policy and our cookie policy.

11. Liability

11.A User is fully responsible and liable for the use of the Platform.
11.B User indemnifies VintageConnector completely for all damage and/or costs of whatever nature arising from the non-fulfillment of one or more obligations from these Terms of Use.
11.C User commits himself in his activities under these Terms of Use and the Purchase Agreement to fully comply with all applicable privacy laws and regulations and indemnifies VintageConnector for all damages and/or costs of whatever nature in this regard.
11.D VintageConnector in no way accepts any liability for the loss of postal items by the logistics service provider.
11.E Except in the case of intentional and/or conscious recklessness of VintageConnector, VintageConnector is in no way liable for damage and/or costs of whatever nature of the User in connection with the use of the Platform, the Account, the information shared by the User on the Platform and/or the Articles, such as but not limited to – damage and costs resulting from the improper functioning of the Platform, technical failures and unlawful information on the Platform.
11.F VintageConnector does not guarantee and is not responsible for the fulfillment of the obligations of the User.
11.G Nothing in these Terms of Use shall exclude VintageConnector’s liability beyond what is permitted by law. If VintageConnector, for whatever reason, is nevertheless liable, this liability towards the User will be limited to concrete demonstrable damage amounting to a maximum of 10% of the purchase amount which VintageConnector has charged the relevant User for all his purchases and sales.
11.H VintageConnector is not obliged to fulfill any obligation towards the User if she is prevented from doing so as a result of force majeure. Force majeure is present if the shortcoming is the result of circumstances beyond the control of VintageConnector, which include in any case: war or similar situations, riots, strike, occupation, blockade, illness of staff of VintageConnector, shortcomings of suppliers and/or carriers of VintageConnector, government measures such as a transport ban, natural disasters, bad weather, lightning strike, fire, and explosion.
11.I VintageConnector also has the right to invoke force majeure if the circumstance which (further) prevents compliance with the Agreement, occurs after VintageConnector should have fulfilled its commitment.
11.J VintageConnector can suspend the obligations of the Agreement during the period of force majeure. If this period lasts longer than two months, each of the parties is entitled to dissolve the Agreement, without any obligation for compensation to the other party.
11.K Each User indemnifies VintageConnector for all damages, liability, and costs to VintageConnector arising from claims or legal actions brought or threatened against VintageConnector, by any party in connection with:
– The use of the Website.
– The use of the Website through the password of User;
– The Item(s) offered by User through the Website;
– Failure by User to comply with the Agreement.


12.A All rights of intellectual property, including (but not limited to) copyright, trademark, and design rights, to the Website and App, the Content, Advertisements, and all materials provided by VintageConnector to User. Rests solely with VintageConnector, unless otherwise indicated.
12.B Users obtain a non-exclusive, non-transferable, and non-sublicensable license to use the Platform by these Terms of Use.
12.C User warrants to be the exclusive owner of all Intellectual Property Rights in the information User shares on the Platform, such as (but not limited to) photographs and descriptions of Items.
12.D VintageConnector obtains a non-exclusive license from the User to use all materials provided by the User to VintageConnector. VintageConnector may also use this information in communication and advertising in all media on behalf of (the offer of) the Platform. User guarantees to be competent to grant this license to VintageConnector, without violating applicable laws, regulations, or the rights of third parties.


13.A On these Terms and Conditions, all Agreements and other legal relations from and with VintageConnector exclusively Dutch law apply.
13.B All disputes will exclusively be brought before a competent judge in Amsterdam.

These Terms and Conditions were last amended on 9-3-2022.

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