Every 2 seconds a soccer field disappears from the forest.
Already half of the original forests on earth are lost.
The consequences are enormous, for the animals that live there, but also for us.
While you read the 3 sentences above, 6 soccer fields have already disappeared…

Every year more than 80,000,000 garments are produced and an estimated 120 million trees are cut down for this purpose.
And this is not all, today’s garment industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world.

We can make a change, but only together! The platform VintageConnector is built to make vintage and upcycle the norm.

We have joined Plant for the Planet. 

Throughout this website organizations all over the world are registered to plant trees,
this allows us to choose in which country we want the trees to be planted
and we can change this as soon as the goal of the organization has been achieved.  

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No brand will beat vintage when it comes to sustainability.
Shop at VintageConnector because only together we can make a change!

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