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On this page you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions.


Give away

Win a FREE outfit from VintageConnector!

Everyone that bought an item on the website will receive a card with the instructions with their order.
This Giveaway will be held every month so you always have a chance to win!


Delivery time

A package normally takes a few days to arrive but this can be as long as 2 weeks (3 weeks for an international shipment). If the package is not received by the buyer after 14 days, please contact us. Then we will sort it out together!

Shipping with Track & Trace

When an item is sold the shop owner has 5 working days to ship it. When the item is sold the seller receives an email with shipping instructions.

The order has been canceled. What happened?

It can happen that the shop owner has sold that item in the store on the same day, we have an agreement with them that they will report this every day through the website and take the items offline that have been sold.
If you bought the item that day, the shop owner will not be able to sell it to you anymore.

The shop owner does not ship my item

We have an arrangement with the shop owners to ship sold items within 5 business days, have 5 business days (plus weekend 7 days) not passed yet? Then please wait or contact us to ask when it will be shipped.


Have you received the order but are not satisfied with the items?
Always keep in mind that the items are vintage and therefore have been lived in!
We have an arrangement with the shop owners that they will mention if a garment is of lower quality or possibly broken so you know what’s wrong before it arrives!

The description always states the condition of the item:
New: unworn or upcycle
Good: Minimal signs of use such as stains or fading
Used: Signs of use such as larger stains, pilling, and holes

If you are not satisfied with an order, you can return it. For a return please contact us via email, you need to fill out a return form, which can be found at the bottom of the page, this must be done within 14 days of receiving the item, and keep in mind that the buyer pays the return costs for a track and trace shipment. We advise you to return the package in the original packaging with insurance, if something goes wrong in the post you are insured!

Return form VintageConnector
The item:
The seller:
The amount paid:
The reason for return:
Receipt date:

The return form may be sent completed to:

Note: Never send a return to the main office.
We provide the seller’s address by email.

How do I send a return shipment after it has been accepted by the seller?

Once you have obtained all the information, do the following:
Pack the items to be returned securely, if possible the original packaging it arrived in, if you choose this option remove the stickers and details to avoid confusion!
Don’t have the original packaging anymore? And does it fit through the letterbox? Then an envelope or letterbox is sufficient. Is the package a bit larger? Then make sure you have a sturdy box, VintageConnector’s sustainable tip is: go to your local hardware store or supermarket and ask there if they have any boxes left.

After this it is time to ship, always do this with track & trace so you can follow when your package has arrived, we recommend sending the package with insurance because something can always happen on the way! We also advise you to take pictures of the process, think of a picture when you pack it, the package is ready for shipment a picture of the track & trace this is also proof of shipment. Stamps are not accepted.

Do not forget to deliver the Track & Trace code and the photos of the shipment to VintageConnector.

Payment methods

You can pay on VintageConnector with different payment methods:

  • Creditcard: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro
  • IDEAL (in the Nederlands)
  • Bancontact (België)


The condition of the clothing is based on a ranking:

New. (This can be deadstock or upcycle),
Good (minor signs of use such as stains, fading, or pilling),
Used (signs of use, such as larger spots, pilling, and repaired holes).

Size chart

For vintage clothing, the sizes are very important because they differ enormously, in the advertisement you can read the dimensions that the shop owner has determined for the item of clothing. It can be indicated in cm or in European sizes. Below is a table for all European sizes with the cm described to get you started!

Size chart centimeter (cm) outerwear Womens


Sizes XS S M L
Inch 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 36
NL 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46
Borstomvang 44 77 78 81 82 85 86 89 90 93 94 97 98 102 103 106
Waist 59 61 62 64 65 69 70 73 74 77 78 81 82 85 86 90
Height 84 87 88 91 92 95 96 98 99 101 102 104 105 108 109 112


Inch 38 – 40 42 – 44 46 – 48
NL 48 50 52 54 56 58
Borstomvang 107 – 112 113 – 118 119 – 124 125 – 130 131 – 136 137 – 142
Waist 91 – 95 96 – 102 103 – 108 109 – 114 115 – 121 122 – 128
Height 113 – 116 117 – 121 122 – 126 127 – 132 133 – 138 138 – 144

Size chart centimeter (cm) outerwear Mens


Sizes S M L
Inch 30 31/32 33 34 36 38
EU 44 46 48 50 52 54
Chest 86 – 89 90 – 93 94 – 97 98 – 101 102 – 105 106 – 109
Waist 74 – 77 78 – 81 82 – 85 86 – 89 90 – 94 95 – 99
Buttocks 90 – 93 88 – 91 98 – 101 102 – 105 106 – 109 110 – 113
Length 166 – 170 168 – 173 171 – 176 174 – 179 177 – 182 180 – 184


Sizes XL XXL
Inch 40 42 44 46
EU 56 58 60 62
Chest 110 – 113 114 – 117 118 – 121 122 – 125
Waist 100 – 104 105 – 109 110 – 114 115 – 119
Buttocks 114 – 117 118 – 121 122 – 125 126 – 129
Length 182 – 186 184 – 188 185 – 189 187 – 191

Size chart centimeter for pants and jeans


Sizes CM
28 71,12
29 73,66
30 76,2
31 78,74
32 81,28
33 83,82
34 86,36
36 91,44
38 96,52
40 101,6
42 106,68
44 111,76
46 116,84
48 121,92


Advice for photographing the garments

To take the best photos, we did put together some helpful tips!

– Take your photos in daylight. This way you won’t get distorted images.

– Do not edit the photos with filters. You don’t want to get your items returned because the colors turn out differently than in the photo!

– Photograph from different angles. Show what the item looks like and try to style it sometimes to give the customer a good idea.

– Make sure the background is calm and clear, this will draw more attention to your item!

– Items are sold faster if they are photographed on a model. The customer can then better assess how the item falls.

– In the case of designer items, show whether the item is original, you will be checked for this. If the item turns out to be counterfeit, it will be removed immediately.


Upload Requirements

– Each picture should be a maximum of 1 megabyte (preferably smaller).

– Add photos of important details that cannot be seen in the other photos. For example, this could be a photo of the logo, wax label, zoom, or other similar details.

– Show the flaws in the photos. If you don’t, there’s a chance the buyer will end up canceling or returning the purchase.

– Make sure you own the photos you upload. After all, we don’t want copyright disputes.

The garments look better when they are clean, dry, and free of wrinkles! The garment will look better if you photograph it on a model. This way the client can see how the garment falls and how you can style it if necessary. Make sure that the attention goes to the garment and does not disappear into the background.

The photos are regularly checked by the VintageConnector team, items that turn out to be replicas are immediately removed from the platform.

The condition of the clothing is based on a ranking:

New. (This can be deadstock or upcycle),
Good (minor signs of use such as stains, fading, or pilling),
Used (signs of use, such as larger spots, pilling, and repaired holes).


How can I open my own shop?

Would you like to become a shop owner on VintageConnector, click here

Why are my items deleted?

To keep our platform safe, we remove products daily. VintageConnector removes replica, counterfeit, and 1:1 items.

How do I change my shop name?

It’s not possible to change your shop name

How do I delete items in my shop?

You mustn’t delete items yourself and send them to the trash. The system will delete the items but google will think that the item is still for sale, there will still be links online to your items.

If a customer clicks on these links they will be redirected to a 404 page.
We would rather prevent this than cure it!

If you want to take an item ‘offline’, save it as a concept instead of deleting it.

How do I close a shop?

Only we can delete your account permanently,
If you want to delete your account, please let us know via email,

What can and cannot be sold?

It is not allowed to sell counterfeit or 1: 1 via VintageConnector. It is prohibited by Dutch law and we do not want this on our platform. We check this every day and remove items that appear to be counterfeit. If it is repeatedly found that an account is selling a replica, we are forced to block this account. We recommend that you include photos of any serial numbers, proof of purchase, and certificates of authenticity. This way we gain confidence in you and the customer too!

If you come across a replica, please let us know via



We recommend registering on the website, so you can always find your orders back if they disappeared in your mailbox:)

Registering is easy, click on ‘account’ and then ‘register’.
– If you then enter your email address you will receive a personal password in your mail.
We advise you to change this password immediately to your desired password otherwise there is a chance that you lose it ? .

-If you do lose your password or have trouble logging in, please send us an email and we will give you another password.

I try to log in but it says that my account is not activated

You will receive an email from us to activate your account. This email may also have been delivered to your spam folder. When you click on the link in the email your account will be activated. You can now log in, place comments and follow your orders.

I am not receiving an email to activate my account

The activation e-mail can end up in your spam folder. Make sure you check it! If you find the email there, you can mark it as ‘not spam’. This way you make sure you keep receiving our email. In this case, you will not miss any orders! You really can’t find it? Send an email to:

Forgot your password

Click on ‘Login’ and then on ‘Forgot your password?’
Enter your email address and click ‘Send’
Click on the ‘Change Password’ button in the email you received.
Now you can create a new password and access your profile again
If all this doesn’t work, please send us an email and we will check it out with you:

Why can't I log in?

Try logging in with your email address instead of your username

If all this doesn’t work, try logging in with a different phone or pc
Or send us an email, and we’ll have a look with you

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